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The most persuasive
AI-powered agent for converting browsers into buyers

Genjo is designed to generate leads, increase conversions, and delight customers.

The game is changing, its time to change your lead generation.

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Lead Generation

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AI powered lead gen has tremendous impact!

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We use our expertise to help you

Brand Immersion:

Our team works closely with yours to ensure that Genjo becomes a seamless extension of your brand, embodying its values and voice with expert precision.

Industry Specialization:

With a deep understanding of your industry landscape, Genjo tailors its interactions to resonate with your target audience, fostering trust and credibility.

Personalization Mastery:

Leveraging natural language processing, Genjo delivers personalized experiences to each customer, addressing their unique needs and preferences in real-time.

Conversion Optimization:

Genjo is laser-focused on driving conversions, equipping shoppers with the information and support they need to make confident purchase decisions swiftly.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Genjo continuously evolves and adapts to changing market dynamics, ensuring sustained performance and innovation.

Proven Results:

Backed by a track record of success, Genjo has helped countless businesses across diverse industries achieve their lead generation and conversion goals, delivering tangible results that speak for themselves.


A Sales person that has absolute perfect knowledge of all your products and services.
They can speak to thousands of customers at the same time, in any language your customer preferred.
They are always patient, kind, and capable of working tirelessly day and night, never needing a day off, always radiating perfect energy and enthusiasm.
They ensure every customer received the exact information needed, leading not only to positive buying decisions but also to outstanding impressions of your company.

With Genjo, you don’t have to imagine. Experience the future of lead engagement today.

Driving Success in the Automotive Sector

Automotive Expertise:

At Genjo, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the automotive industry. With our deep expertise and innovative solutions, we help automotive businesses navigate the digital landscape, from enhancing customer experiences to streamlining sales processes. By leveraging advanced AI technology, Genjo empowers automotive brands to forge stronger connections with their audience, drive sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

Streamlining SaaS Success

Lead Management Solutions:

In the competitive landscape of Software as a Service, capturing and converting leads is more crucial than ever. Genjo empowers SaaS platforms to excel at every stage of the lead management process. From generating high-quality leads with advanced targeting algorithms to nurturing them through customized engagement strategies, our solutions ensure a smooth journey for potential clients. With Genjo’s integrated analytics and automation tools, your platform can effectively convert leads into loyal customers, optimizing the sales funnel for peak performance. Partner with Genjo to transform your lead management into a decisive advantage in the SaaS marketplace.

Empowering B2B Engagement and Growth

B2B Solutions:

In the realm of B2B commerce, building lasting relationships is paramount. Genjo offers tailored solutions designed to enhance B2B engagement and drive sustainable growth. From lead generation to account management, our platform facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between businesses, empowering them to achieve mutual success. With Genjo, B2B enterprises can unlock new opportunities, strengthen partnerships, and maximize their bottom line.

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  • One Month Free
  • 40 cents a conversation
  • 100 conversations included
  • Hubspot and Salesforce Integration



per month

  • One Month Free
  • 40 cents a conversation
  • 200 conversations included
  • Custom CRM/Inventory Integrations



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  • $10k Proof of Concept
  • 40 cents a conversation
  • Included conversation based on monthly costs
  • Integrated Models

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